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The Middleton is a family of boutique hotels each created on a historic property with modern construction and design elements.  Utilizing shipping containers, each room has an upscale vibe with original artwork.  Each property features a bar with food service and family friendly courtyard.  The bar serves signature cocktails, wine and craft beer in a classic yet sophisticated setting.  The courtyards each have outdoor seating, a fountain and balcony.

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Matt Hughes and Griffin Phillips created the Middleton Hotel concept while trying to address Graham's need for a new hotel.  Shipping containers provide an efficient, yet modern element and when paired with conventional construction create an architecturally interesting contrast.

The rooms have premium linens and mattresses, as well as custom robes and toiletries.  The focus on the guests' experience extends to the entire property, with upscale furniture in the bars, landscaping and fountains in the courtyard.

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