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Room 3
Paxton Maroney

Paxton Maroney is a Dallas based multidisciplinary artist with a focus on conceptual art. Though she is known for her surreal constructed photography works, she uses a range of mediums to express her innermost feelings and thoughts. Paxton introduced herself mainly as a painter in 2003 but soon after found her love of photography. She is now allowing herself to let all of her skills bleed into one another including photography, digital painting, watercolour, mixed media, installation art, collage and design. As she continues to add to her repertoire, no matter the medium, the artwork is distinctly of her own accord. The imagination, tone and expression of the works comes from a place no one else can see into. For several years, she has awoken from vivid dreams, often in the middle of the night, and drawn the images composed on the backs of her eyelids. Inspiration comes from life experiences and this is why she creates. She is allowing you to view her world, on paper.

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