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Taylor Bennett

Growing up in rural Texas, Taylor Bennett fell in love at first click with photography. Picking up her mother’s camera, Taylor discovered a passion that would develop and grow throughout her life. In 2014, Taylor founded her photography business which has not only evolved, but has flourished in the passing years.

Passion for travel and documenting beauty is what sparks Taylor’s creative nature. Whether it’s relaxing with friends and family on a Texas ranch, exploring Colorado with her husband and children, or enjoying the beach of the Amalfi Coast, inspiration is always close at hand. 

Taylor’s work evokes a sense of storytelling, and her transportive images capture the essence of the destinations she visits. Each scene sheds light on the soul of the place, and the people within it. 

Taylor’s photography draws on traditions of fine art and photojournalism, whose aesthetic and style capture timeless images. “My hope is to create images that provoke a sense of nostalgia as well as photographs that stand the test of time. My work is a reflection of what inspires me the most- natural light, travel, and beauty.”

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