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Room 15
Pamela Lancaster

Pamela Lancaster was born and raised in Fort Worth, Tx. Pamela has been an artist all her life. When Pamela is not creating, she is teaching art to elementary students and being a mother of two. Pamela has been painting abstract pieces since her Art Education classes in 2005 when she was studying to be a teacher. She has worked predominantly with oils, but while pregnant and after kids has switched to watercolors and acrylics to add variety and ease. 


Pamela derives her abstract pieces from images that she finds captivating. The images can range from photographs Pamela has taken, sketches she has made or other found images with which she has connected to.  The images are the jumping off point for her paintings, but, once completed, there is often little to no resemblance between the painting and the original photograph, sketch, or painting. Pamela observes the beauty in the relationships of the organic forms that she discovers within these impressions.  She begins with the concrete image and, using intuition and reaction, translates it into a subjective work of art.  Pamela is inspired by representational images but finds her own voice in the abstraction and reinterpretation of those images.  She is not responding to the content of an image, but is finding meaning in its form.

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