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Shona Underwood

Shona Underwoood is a renowned artist who was raised in the Outback  of Australia where she still resides today on her family ranch sprawling across almost 1 million acres in the channel country of Queensland. She started from humble beginnings as a child of the the harsh and unforgiving Northern Territory which is also known as Australia’s ‘Last Frontier’. Although she was born from this rugged land she now takes position as an artist on the world stage. 


Underwood’s work is highly sought after and is held in high regard by followers and clients such as fellow Australians and American Country Music stars as well as international art collectors across the globe. Shona Underwood is a multifaceted creator being a fashion illustrator and the art designer for major Australian company Mirrenesse cosmetics. 


Her art is known for its raw and honest interpretation of emotion and power in her paintings of outback characters and large scale paintings of horses and cattle as well as it’s ability to connect with people and their stories. 


Underwood breaks all barriers and crosses many genres also having a deep connection with the vintage American west through the many years of her close friendship with a master reinsman cowboy from Elko Nevada who left America for Australia in the 1960s and took up a ranch near her family taking Shona under his wing in his latter years and teaching her his specialised craft. 

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