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 Shea Slemmer

Shea Slemmer (b. 1977) grew up barefoot and wild in the rolling horse country of Ocala, FL. After Slemmer received her BFA in painting at the University of North Florida she set up studios in Savannah, New York, Marfa, TX, Rockland and Monhegan Island, ME.

For Slemmer, the practice of painting has always been tied to process. Working primarily in oil on canvas, the paintings that develop are products of the everyday with a direct connection to the five senses. A record of personal experiences that she refers to as “maps and bridges”. Looking for patterns in nature and using meditative techniques, Slemmer formulates protected harbors and makes visual representations to remember how to return and also show others how to get there. She believes that wounds within our hearts, minds, and bodies create tensions, blockages, or contradictions in tightly-bound, egos. That “separate self” can be reached with maps to contact the inner child where our deepest wounds are carried. The goal is to facilitate a feeling of safety in love so that we can heal each other.

Slemmer’s works can be found in collections across the United States and Europe. Her recent solo exhibitions include Sweet Lorraine Gallery in Brooklyn and The Telfair Museum in Savannah and she had been published in Studio Visit Magazine, Atomic Ranch, Luxe, Savannah Magazine and The South Magazine.   

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