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 Mary Baxter

I moved to the Big Bend region over twenty years ago, when we leased a ranch southwest of Marfa for raising yearling cattle. Most of the time I lived there by myself, checking water and putting out feed, and training some horses for extra income.

The landscape kept working on me and I began to paint my surroundings. This was in the pre-digital age and the only place to have film developed was in Alpine, two and a half hours away. So I learned to rely instead on sketches and notes for reference, a practice I still prefer to use today.

For several more years while I painted this area, I supported myself training and trading horses, and sometimes working a season on the high-goal polo circuit in Florida or California.

Now I’m able to paint and sculpt fulltime in this place I call home. I love my job, and I especially like that I can make my living off this land without having to alter it in any way.

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